I was overwhelmed by all the responses to my question about ReadnQuiz! Thanks to everyone who replied! I was asked to post a HIT, so here it is. The consensus is that, although ReadnQuiz does not have as many quizzes as Renaissance, most schools are happy with it. Renaissance has eliminated the teacher-made quizzes, but ReadnQuiz encourages them. I like that personally! I think that our district will most likely go with ReadnQuiz!

We are on the second year of using ReadNQuiz as our reading program. We have been very happy with it. When our old AR program crashed we checked into what was the least expensive option and it was about 10 times the cost of ReadNQuiz. They also no longer allowed me to submit teacher-made tests, and since I teach at a Christian school and they have a limited number of tests that we would like the students to take, I have been making and submitting my own for the past 10 years. With ReadNQuiz they encourage me to submit teacher-made tests.

I saw your question about Read-n-Quiz and I wanted to let you know that it is great. My school wouldn't buy me Reading Counts and I wanted to get our middle schoolers reading again, so we purchase this. My experience was that Reading Counts had old, dated books in it and RQ had newer books, so I was very happy with this. The tech support is phenomenal. I just shoot Chip a quick email and he does anything we need that same day. I write several quizzes a week and email them to RQ and a staff librarian who enters them in for us. They are usually available the next day. It is fast, easy to use, lets you monitor students taking tests by requesting a password to unlock and creates several types of reports for you to print.

We have been using the program for 3 years for grades 9-12.  
1. Very easy to use.
2. It keeps tracks of booKs read from year to year.
3. Wide selection of books.
4. You can create test for books they don't have if you choose. 
5. Detailed reports for each student.  
6. Quick response from intradata when you have a problem or question

  The program has some advantages over AR.  The teachers are able to control how their individual classes are set up for reading quizzes.  With AR, our tech person and myself were in charge of everything.  When there is a problem, the teachers can contact the company.  I had one teacher find a mistake with a test and emailed the company.  Within an hour someone emailed her back and taken care of the problem. The only drawback at this time is the number of books that have tests. About 80% of my collection has quizzes.  With teachers and librarians submitting test questions daily, the number of books with tests is increasing rapidly. ​ My teachers seem to be happy with it so far.​

The website is easy to use on the administration side and student side
If the quiz that you want is not available, you can write the quiz and submit it and it is ready for the student to use within 24 hours.
It is inexpensive as reading programs go I highly recommend the product!
We used Ar Desktop for years and then when they went to online our system couldn’t afford it.  We started using Read N Quiz and we have been very happy. 

For a few years now I have been using ReadnQuiz instead. I have found it a good alternative for my school. I can run the same reading incentive program I always did with AR and the switch was seamless for the children though, of course, I had to spend a summer retagging books and setting up my classes in the program. If you need an alternative to AR, I do recommend ReadnQuiz. There are bells and whistles that are missing, but their customer service support is wonderful, and you CAN run an AR comparable reading incentive program through ReadnQuiz and keep the kids reading.

Here are some of the benefits to the program:
1.       The COST—as you have noticed is significantly lower.
2.       With AR, two students sitting next to each other taking the same quiz will have the same questions, and therefore, can easily “cheat”.
With R’Q, the questions will be different for each time the quiz is taken.
3.       Also, you can set it up so that the younger students can have like 5 questions and the older students can have like 15 for the same book.
4.       It is web based (of course, so is AR now) which means that the kids can take the quizzes anywhere any time.
5.       Most of the reading levels are very close to the same as what AR has. And often, R’Q gives more points for the book.
Here are some of the disadvantages:
1.       Though it is growing, R’Q is not nearly as extensive as AR. That means that there are not necessarily as many quizzes available. But like I said, they are growing and an awful lot of the books the kids read DO have a quiz available.
2.       In AR, you can subtract the points that a student “spends”. In R’nQ, there is currently no way to subtract the points so you have to keep track of that separately.

The actual quizzes are good. ReadNQuiz has a feature I really like. Students see quick responses after each question where they may choose to give feedback. If a girl thinks the question is too difficult, or doesn't really match the book, she can say so in a quick checkbox under the question. Very empowering.

Adding classes and students is simple, but a little time consuming. The teachers like the reports for their whole class. There aren't as many as AR. However, Chip Switzer is the company's founder, and I have had several emails directly from him answering questions and helping me get over a local PO delay. Overall I have been happy I opted to buy it for our school.

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