Hello all! 

Sorry for the cross posting but we’re hoping to reach a wide group of librarians. 
Blanche Woolls and I are writing a book to share ideas for school librarians who want to join with their teachers in helping students prepare for life after high school.  We would love to include your programs and activities; both in class and in the library - before/after school, during lunch or evening programs. 

. Before you leave for your well-earned summer to regroup, could you take a few minutes to share any great ideas (200-300 words tops) on the topics below. We’ve divided our book into K-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12.

If you have offered a program or activity for your students in any one or all three of the following areas, would you please share? We would love to highlight your work; and others will get some great ideas from you!  If you get them to us before June 30, we would be most appreciative and we’ll have time to ask questions and get a permission form to you. We have a pretty quick turnaround time.  We’re looking for all kinds of programming and instruction - the more the better, so feel free to send in as many as you like.  

Please respond directly to me at: [log in to unmask]
We are looking for your programs/activities for:

 Helping students choose careers

 Helping students learn to live in a financial environment  [finding apartment/home, paying for college, cost of having children, etc]

 Helping students to become good citizens.


We need your: 


grades in your school, 

your email address for the summer. 

You will need to sign a permission form so that we many use your name and words. 

We’ll send  that permission letter will come to you via email.


Thank you for your time.

 Blanche Woolls

Professor Emerita, University of Pittsburgh

Connie Williams

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