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Thursday 27 March, 2003 - GV Instruments (Manchester, UK) is pleased to
announce an agreement with the Micromass MS Technologies division of Waters
Corporation (Milford, Mass., USA) to purchase its Inorganic Mass
Spectrometry business. The sale includes the Isoprobe, Isoprime and Platform
ICP product lines and associated accessories.

Simultaneously, GVI will also acquire two other UK based mass spectrometry
companies, Analytical Precision Limited and HtX Limited.

GVI was formed specifically to create a new force in Inorganic Mass
Spectrometry. The Company will offer all the current products in the areas
of Stable Isotope MS, TIMS, Noble Gas and High and Low resolution ICP-MS. In
addition GVI is committed to technological innovation in these and related
fields to serve the needs of the inorganic analyst. This family of
instruments will provide comprehensive solutions for the geological,
environmental, medical and nuclear industries.

GVI will be headed up by Dr Tony Williams, who has a long pedigree in this
area having worked in the Inorganic field for the last 20 years. Dr Williams

"This exciting new venture follows the highly successful VG practice of
spinning out products with technology clearly addressing focused, yet
very different,
markets from  the parent company. We have a great team of scientists
and engineers on
board and we look forward to addressing the needs of our customers in
the future."

Background information:

GV Instruments will continue to employ personnel from the acquired
businesses, resulting in a staff of approximately 65 people based in a
purpose built research and development facility near Manchester Airport in
the UK. There will also be US and European sales and service centres
headquartered in Hudson, New Hampshire, USA and Lyons, France, respectively.

Existing agency agreements elsewhere will remain in place wherever possible.

Waters Corporation is an industry leader in high performance liquid
chromatography, mass spectrometry, thermal analysis and rheology products.

Waters is a publicly traded corporation [NYSE:WAT] and a member of the
Standard and Poor 500 Index, employing approximately 3,500 people worldwide.

Analytical Precision Limited is a manufacturer of instruments for stable
isotope ratio analysis particularly in the medical field.

HtX Limited has recently developed a range of innovative mass spectrometers
for noble gas analysis.

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